By grossgross - / Saturday 26 September 2009 18:21 / United States
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#136 - So, in the thousands and thousand and thousands of 10 - 20 word FMLs on here, two similar situations happened to have very close wording? Nawww, impossible. Couldn't have been a coincidence. You're right, clearly they were just copying an old FML and changing the words. I mean, when has FML had two similar experiences with close wording before? Go back and count for me.


No, you should have gotten off the train. Or at least pretend to get off. What's better? 20 mins of boner by stranger or 2 mins to wait for the next train? YTDI.


As OP said, there was no room. And what makes you think that stomping on anyone's foot is okay. Its not like you can control a boner easily

You should have turned around and been like, "i would have been turned on my that but my pinky finger is bigger"

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