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Solution to your problem OP: Facebook status "to whoever sent my ex that letter, stop. She thinks it's from me and won't be convinced otherwise. Trust me, you don't want her anyway, this situation is proof."

Lmao That sucks!! It's time to find a girlfriend you love to make out with.... In front of her... Every time you see her... Lmao


LMAO idgaf if I'm buried for this, but just because you have a pussy doesn't give you the right to ruin lives and cause trouble without suffering the same consequences a male would. Equal opportunity right?


TWI-It's pretty probable. I've seen my share of 'those kind' of girls... Some are more Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs than Toucan Sam! You can't put much past them. And yes, Beatles.. The song was stuck in my head when I created my account :o)


OP should be sure to type it, not write it since his crazy ex probably knows his hand writing. And if that doesn't work... Well... OP should... RUN!

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