By Anonymous - / Sunday 27 October 2013 16:08 / United States - Ballwin
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Hormones or not, rude is rude. :-( Try to be patient though.

  Casp  |  4

Love these types of FML's where no matter what a pregnant woman does, everyone just says hormones. "Today, my pregnant wife murdered our neighbors" FML community - "Uhhhh... hormones!!!"

  MrsDruidess  |  23

hang in there OP! I am dealing with morning sickness myself! Make sure she gets a full 7-8 hours (really helps) and right before bed, Greek yogurt! Its full of protein, it really helps coming morning. Also if she pukes it up, it comes up really easy, so I keep regular cheap yogurt for just when I feel icky. Feed her as soon as she gets out of bed, but have her spend a few mins laying in bed first, even if she has to return to it after her 1st am pee. In that time, try making her malt-o-meal, its easy on the tummy. I am at 11 weeks, so I am almost out of the woods! She will be too very soon. Good Luck OP!!

  Raidriar  |  14

Bananas are healthy and nutritious. Why should he have not offered it to her? Is it his fault it happens to resemble genetalia? Or is it his fault he was born a man and that men do not get pregnant?

By  Catkam623  |  27

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  Booda_Shun  |  28

Three things you don't ever mess with: Pregnant women, pregnant women, and Booda_Shun.

By  Jasmeent11  |  15

You guys been missing out recently?

  Mshrodes  |  13

Are you implying you can't have sex when pregnant or did I misunderstand ?

  Jasmeent11  |  15

Why did I get so many negative thumbs ahahah

  Palirose  |  22

In #11s defense a lot of people are mislead to believe it's not safe to have sex during pregnancy. I used to think the same thing until I looked it up. Some people, especially first time parents if they're not too informed will become scared of harming the baby. It just takes simple research or asking a doctor. :P

  stretchedthin  |  20

when I was pregnant I enjoyed sex hell my Dr recommend that my husband and I have sex as long as we were not to rough and stop immediately if there was pain other then that it would help with some aches (ie hip ligaments since it was my first child and they were stretching) orgasms help prepare the uterus (strengthen the uterine muscles) for labor. Sex was my favorite exercise.

  Reaper5639  |  16

More and more idiots are joining FML lately. Just seep through the comments and see for yourself. I used to enjoy reading the comments, now all I get is face palms and confusion.

  monnanon  |  13

how big do you think your dick is if you think it will harm your baby. i can understand people being squemish or pregnancy sex, i found it really weird thinking that there was a baby in my belly and had this odd phobia that it would know what we were up to in a vouyeristic sense (i know its odd) but to think you can physically harm the baby? sounds like a backhanded way or giving yourself a compliment if you ask me.

By  evan_7899  |  28

Did she peel the top only and then lick it seductively?

  stretchedthin  |  20

it's called hormones and you can't control it I bit off my husband's head for some things that normally I wouldn't have done so before I was pregnant. You just cannot help it

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