By Scott / Thursday 15 September 2011 07:34 / United States
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  The_Instigator  |  11

You know what else is orgasmic... Breast milk.

  fthislyfe  |  22

The milk coming from the breasts in the first few days after the baby is born tastes awful. It doesn't have fat and it consists mostly of proteins and immunoglobulins to protect the child from various diseases. So wait a few days and then you can both taste it :)

  dre_bro11  |  12

65, wife is still preggo. 'I caught my pregnant wife...'. So forget the proteins, it just taste horrible.

  Alex94xela  |  0

If her boobs can reach her mouth
That's amazing like pornstar stuff
Go help her out OP she can get the left
And you can get the right


Tell her she won't start lactating until the baby is actually born.

  dubstepp  |  15

Have to get all sexual with breasts milk? Ew hah

  drew1978  |  4

I only drink da finest Cambodian breast milk. Wait... Is she Cambodian?

  dubstepp  |  15

I think that's just plain gross, tasting breast milk. It's for a baby not so adults can experiment and taste it. Yuck.


92 & 165- During pregnancy a woman's body starts to produce milk so it is possible for her to get the colostrum during pregnancy. Some women's breasts even leak while pregnant. Nipple stimulation is a natural method of inducing labor and since you are supposed to stimulate it in a way that is like a baby sucking on the nipple, it would make since for her to suck it herself although if it was me I would ask my partner to do so.
167/170- Breasts are not just sexual, women have them for the purpose of feeding a baby. If you think drinking breast milk is gross then simply don't drink it.


Please do not try to say that milky fluid does not come out during the last trimester. If that is what your trying to say you are so stupid.


197- I am not sure whom you are addressing but if you were speaking to me then no, I was saying the exact opposite. No need to name call though. Some people just don't know what goes on with a woman's body during pregnancy. Maybe they are a male or a female that has never been pregnant.


My hubby loved my breast milk during pregnancy with my son, he thought it was hot that I was pregnant he loved my belly.. For those saying it isn't sexy have you been pregnant with a partner around? Yes breasts leak during the last trimester mine sure did mine started at about 5 1/2 months

  jrwill  |  0

That is soo gross. What is wrong with you. I have a kid and I breast fed him but neither my husband nor I ever thought about tasting ourselves. Eww!

By  coolkid_matt  |  11

Creep :S

By  bethyc4  |  26

Join her then look up while sucking and say " mmmm Mama"

  shift_love  |  13

Who the fucked gave this a thumbs down? It was an epic comment.


That's disgusting. Are you you from a southern state?

By  huejjin  |  5

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  Jaxx66  |  21

Lol serious. Plus why the hell are you whining OP? There's a lot of men that enjoy breast milk and see it as a turn on. And if a woman can suck on her own breast they'd be all over that! 'ohhhh may I watch?' sort of deal. :)

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