By madbabynoel / Friday 25 March 2016 15:06 / United States - Clovis
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By  twitchtail  |  20

I'm just going to assume the usual overprotective dad scenario here. That sucks, I hope you can make them (your parents) see their mistake. I also hope you make more friends. :)

By  AwkwardBookworm  |  27

That sucks, OP. Maybe you should as your parents to stop treating you like a kid?

By  UserError94  |  18

She never kisses your dad in front of you? You should have a talk with your mom about what you believe and your own morals. She might just be scared you're growing up


Today, my sister told my mother how she saw our neighbour's son at the movies with a girl and that they were kissing. My mother said that any girl willing to date someone so ugly must have self esteem issues and they laughed. I'm his girlfriend, my sister didn't recognize me. FML

By ready_set_go - / Thursday 9 April 2009 01:14 / Canada
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