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Boss "Why aren't you at work?" OP "Ummm.....because I work real hard you gave me a pay raise and told me to take 4 weeks off, paid of course, as a bonus." *OP walking out of workplace totally unnoticed by boss standing out door* Boss "Sounds like me. Good job. See you in a month" Have fun OP.


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Simply tell her, "hey i said hello when i came in. Or do you want me to fuck you every time i walk in through that door,bitch???"


Well I obviously didn't mean by dressing sleazy or making a fool of yourself! I understand its her job, you should still attempt to stand out. How else would you ever get promoted if you always went unnoticed. Try thinking outside the box. You can stand out with a strong positive personality too.


I know what you mean #44, It's about talking to the boss and getting recognised, coming up with ideas. Unfortunately these days hard work alone is not enough to get you a promotion. You have to go the extra mile to make sure the boss see's your hard work

Though it may be an embarrassing moment for her right now, I'm sure she'll have forgotten all about by the afternoon

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