By leeceetaylor99 / Monday 15 July 2013 16:47 / United States - San Antonio
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By  Nick_Le_Geek  |  10

Well... was it good?

  omgitsmoe  |  26

What flavor?

  jessBeAqueen  |  13

bff: hey I got this new lipstick. want to taste it ?

boyfriend: eeehhh whats it called?

bff: its called backstabbing, man stealing skank !

bf: sure. sounds delicious!

By  ThatOneDrummer  |  8

Wish my gf would let me taste her best friend's chapstick.

  lishabear  |  21

#6 - This is off topic, but what the heck are you trying to say in your profile description?

By  jw90  |  18

Was it strawberry?

  rich443  |  22

or maybe more nonviolent and mature solution to the situation would be to walk away and put then out her life

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

24- While walking away is of course more mature and nonviolent, sometimes, nothing quite conveys that emotional hurt like a full tilt crotch stomp to the offending party. :P
Not always or often, but still . ;)

By  Voqab  |  3

I find it so funny da stupid excuses people come up with for cheating

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