By Anonymous - / Saturday 24 August 2013 20:37 / United States - North Bend
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By  crisanba  |  18

And the family line continues

  CobraLazerFace  |  21

I know! He must have one hell of a blood line!

By  narkill  |  13

Ah Christians, such lovely,kind,caring people.

  jasmine2301  |  25

Obviously you have no grammer,common sense,or,educational background about religion.

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

32 - If you're going to talk grammar, I'd suggest first learning to spell it correctly. Remembering to put spaces after your commas wouldn't hurt either. :)

  jasmine2301  |  25

#38, I know, it was a joke. I was mocking #10.

  ThedaRose  |  15

Who said she was a Christian?? I can't stand it when people just automatically assume a person is Christian when God is mentioned. They could be Catholic for all you know!


My parents and several of my friends are Christians. And if I were in an abusive marriage and decided to get a divorce, I can't think of a single one who wouldn't support that decision.

  B00K_L0V3R93  |  30

OP you are doing the right thing and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Ignore your Mum completely because she's an obvious hypocrite. Congrats Bella. You should never stay in an abusive relationship, I am so glad you are getting out.

  horneyhic  |  15

Catholisim is the oldest form of Christianity then Eastern Orthodox then Protestantism and this is from a Catholic (non practicing) and the Catholic Church is still the biggest church in the world. Christanity simply mean that the central premise of your religion is Jesus Christ was Gods son and the worlds savior which Catholics do

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