By thanks mom ¬_¬ - / Saturday 24 August 2013 22:05 / United States - Carlsbad
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  AppleJuiceBox  |  10

You could say he's a ... "broken man". No? Oh.. Okay..

By  crisanba  |  18

TROJAN MAN! Not as durable as Durex

  Grayness_  |  25

You sir have been putting stupid ass comments.

By  kiaora_fml  |  11

Why was she looking into your drawer? you need to talk about boundaries with your mother OP.

By  anabuddy123  |  10

Wow low blow hahaha

By  angelitared  |  27

Damn Trojan.

By  LowExpectations  |  30

Don't sweat it OP. At this point in your life does it matter?

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