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A limerick - There was a poor woman from France Who unzipped her hot boyfriend's pants He just wanted TV Jersey Shore, maybe Glee Now there won't be a horizontal dance.


I know, my english wasn't right in this sentence. I wanted say, men don't want have sex all the time but here the OP shows she wants have sex... Is it good now?


Not one who comes up with lame, tired jokes like the ones above. It isn't funny after hearing it over nine thousand times, if it was even funny the first time. Plus, it's true that some morons do expect blow jobs with nothing in return. As much as I enjoy giving a good blow job, I'm not giving one to a selfish cumwad.


It's a joke. What makes you think you can judge anyone, ESPECIALLY on the internet, by one joke? Which *you* don't happen to like, it doesn't make anything out of anyone.

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