By sarajj - / Friday 29 March 2013 21:36 / United States - Littleton
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

1, you're right on point. OP, next time, skip the fucking movie, show up wearing a sexy outfit under a sexy dress or attire. Sit him on the couch, tell him you've got a present for him, and take off your first layer of clothing. You'll have his full attention and he'll love your sexy outfit and initiative ;-).

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

^Why thank you! Another option is if the boyfriend comes over to his girlfriend's home and the girl is in a sexy outfit (and heels; always makes females sexier, in my opinion), all plans are put on hold because he can't resist. It's completely worth it; seeing his face light up like a kid in a candy store is the cherry on top.

  joshiepo0  |  18

Unless he pops the cherry.

By  bigdude1302  |  2

Soooooo I think you found the only guy in the world who doesn't like your advances! He didn't have to be so rude about it.

By  sheerem  |  7

That's highly unusual to hear from a guy…

  Googolman  |  28

Not only stereotypical, but offensive. It's just like saying that all guys would be lucky to have girlfriends, however this is not the case with girls. We're not your bitches. Get over it.

  Hentai_fml  |  6

That wasn't that rude, yeah?

  alycion  |  29

If talking through a movie is considered rude, why wouldn't op did be considered rude as well of the boyfriend wanted to watch the movie? Not saying he couldn't have been nicer about his reaction, but it sounds as of inconsiderations were going around from everyone.

  FightMyLiger  |  19

So if she had come in the room having just baked a fresh apple pie and tried to feed him a bite, but he wasn't hungry... She's being inconsiderate? Should have baked it before she came over? You guys are ridiculous. Now I'm hungry.

By  Ambaayyy  |  8

Must be gay. Lol JK try something else, he was probably just into the movie :)

  LuckBeNimble  |  19

yes! for instance, I was watching a documentary about the Vietnam War the other day and while, according to my GF, I have an over-active libido I wouldn't exactly have wanted to be inside of her while watching it.

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