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I want to say that's rude but you spelt "you're" right... so I'm guy going to leave it.


aw man it's says "guy" instead of "going" also I was referring to the guy who thinks Miley Cyrus is hot

well i dont think you should have left it sumwhere you know ur dog could have gotten , you should keep something that important on you at all times haha just saying


Who the hell carries a check with them? especially a $2000 check, probably the specially-issued, larger ones. While we're at it, let's bring all the jewelry, too.


well wat i meant 90 was they should of kept the check if they werent going to have the check for a long period of time .. im assuming this person has a safe place for all of their valuable items

whoever wrote that check, can issue a new one if you explain what happened. still ydi, why would you let your dog cash it?!? lol

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