By myl1f3isfuct - / Thursday 11 July 2013 00:15 / United States
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  abbypoo  |  11

The easy explanation for this is grade confidentiality. There is a Federal law called the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act which states that students' educational records are confidential. Most schools have a strict policy about not discussing grades over email because of this law.

  nightbirdblue  |  27

True, but a lot of colleges have their own email through Outlook or some other service that is given to each student and teacher through the school. There is of course ways to identify email addresses in this system as actually one from the school. The formating for example is key to those emails. Then there is in most cases the @_____uniname______.edu labeling that you can't just get by yourself easily. Colleges that are drifting towards online classes could be expected to use that kind of system or some other form of online communication that acts as an identification as yourself so that the law doesn't stop communication between students taking online classes and professors.


My online teachers actually would all give me their skype in case I wanted to talk about something, but it felt so weird to me so I would prefer email or phone calls. But it is definitely possible.

  BlissfulLiss  |  18

It's the principle of the thing. OP shouldn't have to do anything but email or call for an explanation. Hell, even Skype! As someone else suggested on here. But to go out of her way as her teacher expects her to...I mean what's going to happen in person that can't be done over the phone or through the Internet?

  TheDrifter  |  23

Grades are strictly confidential by law. Discussing them where they might be overheard, or through an insecure communication is therefore illegal. So no Skype, email, letters etc. discussing how grades are awarded and who they are awarded to. OP really will have to go in, or send an approved representative (parent, significant other) to do it for them.

By  AgentAvalos  |  7

She wants the D.

By  mkid232  |  15

Why can't you go in? Fear of the outdoors? Wheelchair? Laziness? There are many reasons, but we know none of them.

  gracehi  |  31

Well, if you have to give an explanation for a poor grade, you don't have much room to stand on principle except in extraordinary circumstances, like say she lives 1000 miles away from the campus.

  gracehi  |  31

Also, the professor likely wants OP to demonstrate that she cares about her grade, and will decide how willing she is to work with her based upon that demonstration. "Can't we talk about it over Skype?" doesn't demonstrate a willingness to put in effort towards her grade, whereas going out of her way to visit a campus she ordinarily wouldn't be able to would be a great demonstration of effort. But, like I said, this is all with the exception of extraordinary circumstances.

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