By Anonymous - / Sunday 21 June 2015 04:38 / United States - Harrison
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  cluch3  |  22

With the watermelon?

  Soparot  |  29

I'm guessing "What in the world?"

By  colton_colton  |  49

Sounds like its time you 3 have a nice, long talk

By  Tessa_11  |  19

Ew wtf. I thought it said YOUR sister at first..

  outfielder55  |  17

Dude really. It's still illegal in Arkansas. Nobody does that. Nobody thinks that's OK anymore. Stop stereotyping.

By  CommentKing207  |  23

Sit him down and discuss, you don't deserve anything but a good boyfriend OP!

By  ZombieSazza  |  34

Incest is wincest!

  Mauskau  |  35

My aunt is called Noemi, some call her Noy-mee, others call her No-amy, but she doesn't correct you. My mum and her sisters use the first one, my nan uses both and her husband uses the second one.

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