FML - The follow-up

Today, some asshat ran onto the road and tried and jump over my car as I drove by. He didn't make the jump. FML

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Oh wow, didn't think this'd get posted... thanks so much for all the support guys! (OP here) Bit of follow up, this happened a few nights ago actually, I was driving through a residential area (lots of trees lining the road). The guy was a teenager, he was doing a 'stunt' while his mates filmed. He ran out from behind a tree, I didn't have enough time to stop completely, but I braked and swerved on instinct. He clipped his leg on the front bumper and rolled over my car, and his friends all bail
By gurding - / Sunday 21 June 2015 04:57 / Australia - Burwood
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Not ALWAYS true. I know someone who had a girl commit suicide by jumping in front of her car. The family tried to sue the driver but it was known she was suicidal and had tried it before, so they didn't succeed.


OP might still be responsible for medical bills. I know when someone ran in front of my car our insurance had to pay even though the cops concluded that it was not my fault.

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