By Ugggggggggg - / Tuesday 6 November 2012 05:11 / United States - Lynnwood
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  Baustigt  |  40

There comes a day in every man's life when he is faced with a decision that could potentially change his entire life-path. Does he comment "first" and reveal his ass-baggery to the entire community, forever condemning himself to ridicule and mockery? Or does he take the path less travelled by, and keep his dignity another day?
Nobody said it's an easy decision to make, #1. Maybe you'll make the right one next time.

  deBlobX  |  12

What's a Brazilian? (Sorry I don't know much about waxing)

  patrickalamo  |  47

Or spray nair on the back of her head.

  BobbieH  |  19

Or a Playboy. It's all the hair, front and back. You can always over heat the wax a little too. Not enough to burn but enough to be uncomfortable!

Anyway FYL, that's a horrible way to wake up!

  Drigr  |  8

Actually, that reason is both valid and common for thumbing things down. Personally, I probably thumb 1/25 of the comments I read, but if I didn't get it and decided to thumb it, it would be down.

  Enslaved  |  36

Me? I only thumb things up, never down. I would hate to be responsible for a buried comment just because I didn't understand it but someone else would. Ex: this comment :P and I don't worry about overly offensive topics. Those usually get mod anyways.

  lilhellian  |  26

Most people thumb down for the following reasons: grammer, spelling, unrelated, or just plain shitty.

By  RockN  |  10

Your girlfriend is the real devil

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