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By  ImSoBaKed  |  10

  MattCole  |  10

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  izzy0122  |  10

she promised you to "get it on" yiu sound like a little boy being excited to have hanky panky!? lol maybe you should learn to turn her in so it isn't a job fir her to gave to promise to give u some.

  ifinishlast  |  10

op, you should break up with her for breaking her promise and lying to you so that tomorrow we can read an fml she posts about how you broke up with her for having a stank vagina

  bmalley  |  10

consider yourself lucky you got a list and not a bag full of - go fuck yourself and die, now get back on that bus before my new boyfriend kicks your fucking teeth you pecker head.

  deathartisan  |  10

depression isn't just from bipolar disorder, jackass do some research. Dysthymic Disorder leads to severe depression and I just recently foun out it's the cause of my depression...

  the_mantlist  |  10

How exactly is the girlfriend a bitch? If anything, the OP is a stupid little douchebag for complaining about underserved sex instead of worrying about the welfare of his girlfriend. Read the FML again. You could see that the OP is an asshole.

By  broadwayboy79  |  7

  mikedubya  |  7

boopity how do you follow "you don't know he can do better" with "the op is a bad person". your first statement was realistic, absolute and often overlooked truth....and then you immediately follow it with an oversimplistic and unknowable statement that destroys any integrity the former may have had. Contradict yourself much?

  Alzied  |  7

Just cause she didn't sleep with him doesn't necessarily mean she should be dumped. But really if she keeps playing with him she'll get it. Its OK to tell your partner how you feel but really if you don't make her happy just break.


OP I think you should look at the list and consider changing yourself for the better. Your girlfriend cares about you otherwise she wouldn't have made such a long list to try to change you. She could have just dumped you. Look at this as an opportunity :) Good luck littleredandthebigbadworld.blogspot.com


28, what I was trying to say was that instead of writing an FML about this, he should make himself a better person. It seemed to me that the OP was only excited about sex, so I called him a bad person. No, that was just filler so I could get to option c. But what I said above makes sense too.

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