By Anonymous - / Sunday 24 August 2014 05:51 / United States - Hicksville
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By  Drizl  |  17

I suck.


It said no where OP was planning to marry her.


Sorry for killing your joke. Sometimes I don't really have a sense of humor.


*Insert Cryptkeeper laugh here*

  hokie16  |  13

From what I've seen men are generally more manipulative when trying to get a woman, whereas women are the manipulative ones in relationships. There are exceptions to everything but I'm a woman and I have to say I have no problem with #5's statement. lol.


#61, I'm not being sexist. If I were being sexist, I would have said, "all women are manipulative." By saying "a lot of" instead of "all", I'm implying that I am not including all of the female race. Use context clues instead of being quick to assume things.

  Drfucked  |  9

I read that shell fish
And OP's girlfriend. Clever girl....

By  TheLostLegend  |  2

Did anyone else read it as bang a shelf?

  moonbootz  |  7

nope sure didnt...we're not autistic nor blind.

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