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  mlowy  |  17

It was such a terrible feeling, haha, I just froze in my spot staring at the computer and trying not to cry... I couldn't get my old data retrieved but I did buy a new laptop! :)

  julako  |  22

I recognised that singing a just for the machine made song always make them feel better.feel better = work better.works for all my electronic things: notebook, microwave and vacuum cleaner.

  mlowy  |  17

It was a very old laptop, and though I should have backed it up before, it's never broken down, so I trusted it, and it was my first time after an extremely long time. But now that I have a new laptop, I definitely back it up often! Not making the same mistake again.. Haha

By  sas0820  |  27

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Today, my long time girlfriend flew across the country to visit. My asshat roommate decided to introduce himself to her while I was in the bathroom. She left and won't answer my calls. He won't tell me what he said to her. FML

By wellshitthen / Wednesday 21 October 2015 19:30 / United States - Westborough
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