By tan disaster / Friday 27 February 2009 23:09 / United States
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By  wtfux

lotion on the bottom of your feet (which is also used on your palms) prevents them from getting that orangey/dirty look (especially between the toes/fingers), since when you step to turn around, some of the spray might be on the floor.

#5 you can still get cancer from tanning salons. When you get a tan it's actually damaging the DNA in your skin cells and that's how you get cancer. A tan is really just sun damage, that's why they fade.


You need to be intelligent before you try to prove a point. Spray tanning is the safe alternative to a tanning bed or sun tanning. It is artificial and doesn't burn the skin. It is not bad to spray tan. I don't do it but OP shouldn't be judged for trying to do something in the safest way possible. It only makes sense

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