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I'm kind of confused by the "bowl and side" comment, but if they are in fact in the washer, I would call someone (a friend or father maybe?) to come and get them out. I'd be worried if you turned it on, that you'd either have a dead lizard and wasp that you have to deal with removing (which is gross enough), or that you'd have guts and a mess or something from all the tumbling. (Gag). I think you're best to get it out before you start the washer, cause who knows what you'd have to deal with after, and who knows if it could even ruin your machine or something.

By  species4872

Obviously you're not Australia, would have had a couple of snakes, various spiders, bull ants as well and you would be half paralyzed before you got back to the house. Sorry about the exaggeration you probably would have only one snake.

Burn the house down!? lol just kidding.. the other day I was driving and a spider came down from my rear view mirror using its little butt web trait and I almost crashed. Was tempted to just burn the whole car..


That's happened to me before! OMG! I hate it. So scary, and difficult to get away from. I worry I'll cause it to drop on me. And all the fidgeting and freaking out while driving, and/or attempting to pull over.

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