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I don't know, I would like to think the squelching sound would be a give away. Then again it happens to the best of us.


#46, can't say I've ever had that happened to me lol maybe the OP lives more up north where bugs and spiders are the size of cats


#61, figure of speech. They are not literally the size of mammals, but they are bigger and more plentiful up north in Ontario, especially during the summer and in cottage country


ha this is one of those times where I'm happy we don't get spiders... our cat kills them ^_^


I'll help. My friend threw a shoe at a huntsman the other day and killed it because he's a little pussy bitch and we all had a rage at him.

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luckily, you're in the bathroom so you can just wash it off ASAP. although, I too would be flipping out because of the grossness factor.

spider spider on the wall, have you got no sense at all? don't you know that wall's been plastered? now you're stuck you stupid... spider.

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