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It's not the fact that you shit yourself that grosses me out, it's the fact that you slept in it. OP, for your sanity's sake, I hope shitting yourself an earthquake woke you up...


laxatives are supposed to be taken at night. they work overnight, while you sleep, so you have a bowel movement the next day. plus I've read this quote elsewhere before.


Some laxatives say they take up to 12 hours to work, so I can understand thinking it wouldn't kick in right away. Still, taking a sleeping pill with it is just asking for trouble, especially if you haven't ever used that type of laxative. Try a stool softener next time, OP >.<

Why would you even do that? Most laxatives work wihtin a few hours, don't you read the instructions? And also: if a laxative causes diarrhea, you took too much.

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