By Anonymous - / Thursday 3 November 2011 06:22 / Australia
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  dre_bro11  |  12

12, why would you pull your penis out in front of a bird with a two inch beak anyway (or try to squat on it if you're a chick)? To piss on it or not, it's a stupid idea.

  Palirose  |  22

I want 12 to try to pee on it so that he/she can make a FML about it when it bites them so I can be the bully from the Simpsons and scream HAHA as the first comment. :D

By  Luke1717  |  0

Let me eat the sushi with your blood on it!

  Luke1717  |  0

Smosh reference. Yes it is quite irrelevant but seeing as OP needed stitches, I'm assuming OP was bleeding. When the kid said this it was unexpected and weirded everyone out like I just did...

By  hahahayeahright  |  5

How about this? DONT WALK PAST THE CAGE! How dare you think you can do otherwise?:P

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