By Anonymous - / Saturday 9 February 2013 20:03 / United States - Chula Vista
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  Stalkerloo  |  11

I'd leave some perverted pun joke about horny ponies, but then I'd be buried with anti-Brony stuff. So, in its place I left everybody a boring useless comment that adds nothing to the post.


That depends on how old your cousin is, also if an adult/teenager suggested the name .

  7yzz  |  18

Who cares, they're 5, they dont know what that means, its harmless, let them have fun. It'll be a funny thing to bring up when friends come over. This isnt an FML at all..

  7yzz  |  18

Who cares about either of those names, the kid is 5, she doesnt know any of the sexual annotations behind them, without those, those names are just as innocent as any other name. Just let her name it what she wants, shes 5. Can be something funny to bring up when your friends come over =]

  pokemonchick14  |  12

...where does your cousin live that he owns a zebra..?

By  victus  |  14

too bad the horn isn't hard, its very soft

  Rancor  |  5

It actually turns out, young prepubesent girls are the horniest creatures on this planet.

By  beannlove  |  7

ive seen something similar to this, though it was a horny dinosaur rather than a horny unicorn. hopefully the people she decides to tell have a sense of humor and just laugh it off

  greenie213  |  23

If there's one thing I know about strong willed little girls (my lil sis is one of those), it's that telling them to change what they've already decided on NEVER goes down well.

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