Today, I flew a toy airplane into my face. FML

By E or / Tuesday 13 July 2010 13:41 / United States
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comment not moderated:) but op how does that happen. if u were controlin the plane then u have bad hand eye coordination. if it was flown at u then people must hate u. either way fyl.


son of a bit they moderated my comment lol I saidddd these stories are retarted and are probably moderated by 8 year olds!! moderate this one assholes..


74 - yeah really lol. It's not really the mods fault though, it's just their job to enforce the rules. And if you break the rules, you've gotta get punished...such is life :).


yeah, it keeps switching from me being first then u being first and back again. idk, lol. same with the fml rite below us about the friend being home for 3 days and other friend finding out on facebook. rofl

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