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Ceiling fans aren't that heavy, geez. And it's not like it's that far to fall from the ceiling to your face, like a couple feet maybe depending on how tall you are.


When we get invaded by aliens you'll be standing there trying to figure out what they are, whether you just woke up in front of a huge movie screen or whether maybe you sleepdrugged yourself with hallucinogens, and either are quite unlikely but in the end you'll stand there so long that @^@$^#&%! happens to you while we've all already gone into hiding.


I've always had a fear of that happening to me. My fan clicks every second and is really old because I live in a Queenslander.

By  KaySL

And you're still alive, WHY EXACTLY? Darwin's shitting in his grave right now. I bet the OP is a damn teenager, too.


What the Fuck? ...Today, I smelled something nasty. I became violently ill. It was dog shit in my living (under that area where the ceiling fan used to be). So, I went to see why the dog shit there. I found myself standing in dog shit.

By  APD16

Yeah, the guy who thought up the theory of evolution is annoyed that someone got hurt by a fan *rolls eyes*


More like he's annoyed the OP was only _hurt_. Seriously, this guy deserves a minor Darwin Award with regrets for not being turned into a blood sprinkler. That or he should enlist in the military as cannon fodder.


But still. It fell on his -face-. I don't lift many ceiling fans, but I assume they're pretty heavy. Taking something really heavy right to the face (*giggle*) should cause some pretty bad damage, right?


kaySL you made it sound like you implied it was on when you mentioned "blood sprinkler." a bump on the head by a not spinning ceiling fan wouldn't cause blood. Maybe a bloody nose at the most, but that's all.

1. Find what component of the ceiling fan failed. 2. Repair or replace that component. 3. ???? 4. PROFIT!!!1!!!one!!

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