By screwed / Sunday 10 February 2013 10:41 / United States
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By  fresh247  |  10

just keep tums on u

By  Suptnik  |  9

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when PI Shits comes for you? Bad boys...

  klovemachine  |  24

Yes. Just yes B-)

By  shorty6823  |  28

If it's your job, you should find a way to relax. Kinda stinks, but a job's a job now a days. Don't really get how OP deserves it though. Not like he's intentionally shitting himself.

  evilplatypus  |  36

Ah, I didn't see that when I looked at it again.
I don't know why my comment got thumbed down though, since I'm answering your query. I didn't say that's why I clicked YDI (in fact I clicked FYL), I'm just playing devil's advocate. People find truly stupid reasons to click YDI.

By  missababgaga  |  19

Oh goodness. Maybe invest in a personal toilet?... One that fits in your pocket, and can be taken out when you need it?.... Too far? Ok I'm done

  missababgaga  |  19

62- I wasn't being serious when I made the comment. I've also concluded that the form of sarcasm used in my original comment was not widely accepted by the FML community. Lesson learned.

  fml121785  |  14

That wasn't sarcasm. Sarcastic comments have "sarcasm" written with little asterisks on both sides so everyone in FML world knows you were being sarcastic. That was just a bad comment.

By  CaptTeemo  |  10

Watch out, we got a badass over here.

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