By BedazzledAlpaca - / Monday 8 December 2014 05:03 / United States - Englewood
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By  pdp_fml  |  21

You could sleep through your house burning down too!

  rbubbles  |  20

I slept through my neighbours house getting burnt down. Sirens from the fire brigade, police and ambulance and I slept through the entire thing.. Moral of my story? Never live next door to me, I'm useless and def lol

By  MrSarary  |  26

Must be a deep sleeper. Was it at least a good sleep? Sorry OP that sucks

By  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

If I was the thief id of stolen his clothing. If nothing else to scare op the rest of their life.

  gf53  |  9

Elementary, my dear Watson! The thief must be one of the members on here. Whenever there's a shortage of FMLs, he/she robs another house.

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