By Anonymous / Saturday 8 January 2011 20:15 / Netherlands
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Eh, get over it. Maybe he wasn't feeling good or something. Doesn't necessarily mean that you looked horrible. :


Or maybe the boyfriend was stinking drunk. *rereads FML* Just as I suspected. Or just as I read it, rather. Here is DocBastard's guide to commenting, free of charge. A) read the FML B) think about your comment C) write the comment D) proofread the comment E) submit the comment


What? People should actually think about their comment before writing it? That seems like an awful lot of work.. can't they just type useless, semi-coherent babble and submit it, therefore giving everyone else a bit of amusement?


Yeah I know. I read it wrong, tried to correct myself but it didn't go through, so I gave up! : Thanks though... -.-

I'd be pissed off! who does that?! I would've taken his head and put it in his own puke and make him clean it up, what a jackass

Wow.. You're absolutely right. Fuck your life. As if your boyfriend went and had a good time and got drunk but ended up getting sick when he got home! Lousy boyfriend.

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