By Amy (grossed out) / Sunday 27 April 2014 13:43 / Australia - Adelaide
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  tj4234  |  35

Actually it's a good thing she was 'there' to wake up to that. Many people have died as a result of throwing up alone (jimmy hendrix and bon scot being two famous examples), she could have checked if he was ok and if not could have phoned for potentially life saving assistance.

  teotsi  |  28

If the guy was in another country, how would she know what number to call?

  tj4234  |  35

It's easy to look up on the internet. Besides, australia is a massive country. Op and their partner may just be in a different state or something. In which case, i imagine it's the same number.

  FlyingPie  |  17

#28: The FML says they were using Skype. Skype works on the Internet, so it doesn't have to use phone numbers. Besides, if they're in a relationship, they probably know each other's phone numbers or would be willing to share that with each other.

  WhyMe9516  |  15

#28 was talking about which emergency number to call. In America it's 911, whereas the Netherlands people use 112. 28 was asking how OP would know what emergency number to call if it had been necessary. It's obviously easy to look up on the internet, but you know.

  Mauskau  |  35

If you call the emergency number for another country in one country, it automatically redirects you to your local number. I tried calling the Australian one once :(

By  LatvianPride  |  16

I am 16, but I don't see the interest in alcohol at all.. Can someone explain why it's so great anyway?

  KingLewisII  |  34

You'll find out when you're older.

  jerryj  |  27

Good for your blood circulation, as long as you don't overdo it.


I'm 19 (in dog years, of course). I tried it once, thought it tasted bitter, and decided that I didn't like it and that it just wasn't for me. I honestly don't see the hype either.

  garebear61  |  14

I personally don't care one way or another either. However imo people do it because they like the way it makes them feel, or when they are young, just because it makes people do crazy and stupid things and they think thats fun and makes for a good time. Some alcohols that don't have a high alcohol content don't taste to bitter and are not really bad tasting. It's all about preferwnce.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

I'm 23 and I don't drink often at all. I like the taste of some alcohol like hard cider and some wines and being tipsy can be fun, but mostly alcohol just makes me sleepy. I don't understand the hype about being drunk either, which is why I don't drink a lot because I'm very much a light weight. In some social settings it's nice because being tipsy makes me more talkative and engaging which can lead to fun conversations where I would otherwise be too reserved to speak much. It's just not for everyone, though, you definitely shouldn't feel pressured to drink if you don't want to :)

  DomiLove  |  26

Most people drink because it numbs the mental pain they're in, if you watch Shameless on ShowTime, Frank drinks because he hates himself and when he's drunk he doesn't really think about it. Drinking isn't good and I don't suggest anyone does it but it's a personal choice.

By  ugcterminator  |  8

It's called a volume nob...turn the volume off and you won't wake up.

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