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By  LennyComa  |  37

I'd of started pointing as I laughed....People who ask those questions deserved to be neutered

  CallMeWindSock  |  24

28, irregardless isn't a real word, as it is a contradiction in itself. Ir- and -less together mean it's "not regardless", whereas "regardless" doesn't have that double negative.

  Arrow44  |  10

Actually you bunch of asshole crammed Nazis, "I'd" is a contraction of I had or "I would" look it up before you critique something that is unfamilier to you.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

All the comics had Parker invent the web shooters. The movie with Tobey Maguire had him suddenly being able to just produce and shoot it from his wrists....which isn't where a person would shoot it from if he became all spider like, but somehow that seemed cooler than him bending over and aiming with his back end. ;P

  gracehi  |  31

I always thought the biological web shooters made more sense than a high school kid inventing something that the most educated scientists in the world can't figure out. Yeah, it wouldn't come out of his wrists, but come on. It's a story of a kid with super spider powers. You've got to have some willing suspension of disbelief.

  capeofsteel  |  0

The mechanism isn't all that advanced, and he has always been explained as being an exceptional scientist. The webbing itself he discovered after gaining an awareness of the necessary enzymes from the spider DNA mixed with his. There is much less belief needed to be suspended in this version.

  gracehi  |  31

How would a spider know what enzymes comprise his web? That doesn't make any sense either...well...less sense than organic web shooters in the wrists, anyway.

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