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creepermagnet tells us more.

creepermagnet 0

Let me tell you the rest of the story: this actually happened a couple months ago, but I just discovered this site. First off, there was NO second date. My God. Right after he said that, I told him I wanted to go home (he had driven, and I didn't have a car or any way to get home). He then asked if I wanted to go to the woods so he could "do things to me." I told him no, going home would be fine. He took me home and I called him and told him I never wanted to see him again. For half an hour, he tried to convince me to see him again, but I eventually just hung up. For a month or so he called me every day but I didn't answer. Finally, I grew tired of this and I answered the phone. I told him he was really scaring me and he needed to stop trying to contact me. He told me, "I was falling in love with you but they all laughed at me!" (Mind you, I do not know who "they" are. Nor do I wish to know). I told him I was very sorry, but he had to stop calling me or I would contact the police. He then said to me, "Where is the darkness??? Why do you paint me as a demon when I just want to show you the light???" I haven't spoken to him since.

WendigogoAway tells us more.

OP here (I made this account after submitting this, I didn't think it would get accepted.) Basically after her constantly cheating on him, claiming he was abusive despite her being physically abusive to him, and lying all the time, he'd had enough and threw her out since she decided to keep going back and forth between him and another guy. (And she had the balls to claim she was pregnant with his kid, even though she was on birth control). She'd left a ton of her stuff, and even though he'd texted her/called her to tell her that if she didn't pick it up he'd throw it all out, she never replied or made any indication that she was going to pick it up. Suddenly she thinks it's a good idea to come at over at random times, climb the side of the house, and try to get in the window, saying she needs to get in the garage and get some old stuff. (I have no idea why, because there's literally nothing in there that is worth this much trouble.) The reason why she climbs the side of the house is because my boyfriend and I both live with his dad by paying rent and just living upstairs. His dad doesn't want her around the house anymore because of their previous arguments, which made the environment depressing, and the fact that she put a hole in the wall before. This was the last straw, she hadn't come around for months and after shooing her away this time, we're going to take legal action if it happens again. Neither of us knew how to properly react since it was so early in the morning that we just wanted to get some sleep. (I couldn't manage to fall asleep until at least 9AM)

IHateMyself124 tells us more.

IHateMyself124 23

Hello everyone, So to clear some things up: 1. I am a Freshman in college (18 years old). 2. I only added him on Facebook the night we kissed and he DID accept. 3. He was the first one to message me actually. He asked me to food that same night, but I was already in bed. Then he asked me to lunch the next day but I had already eaten, so I invited him to dinner with me and my friends instead but he declined. 4. Then (this is the first time I messaged him first) I took the initiative and asked him to grab a snack with me the next night, which was the most casual of the four food proposals thus far, and he blocked me on Facebook. 5. I'm not exactly sure why he blocked me. I did not stalk him. I did not message him a whole bunch of times. I did not make any statuses about the kiss. I'm not even going to be attending the same university as him next semester because I'm transferring out for my major. He knew that. 6. I do not think I was a bad kisser because he tried to meet up with me again the same night. The whole thing was just confusing. I think he maybe got nervous or scared or spoken to by some "well-meaning" friends or something. I just would have been less hurt had he simply unfriended me or ignored my message. My confidence definitely took a hit. 7. Despite the hurtfulness of his actions, I do not regret the kiss. It was a really nice kiss. And the actual story from the night of is pretty funny. Sorry for the long message! Hope that cleared some things up though!

kimeatszombies tells us more.

kimeatszombies 22

Okay, so we saw them coming at us, so the driver (my brother's friend), took off. He managed to get in between cars at a stop light we were stopped at, and got away, but then the people in the car they threw the hot sauce packet at, got back in their car and proceeded to follow us, FAST. Long story short, my brother's friend got in trouble for reckless driving and actually got his license suspended, since he was under the age of 18. Such a good time. |: