By paperbagofdoom - / Friday 29 May 2009 05:20 / United States
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WERE you Indiana Jones? maybe you should invest in a Wii Fit or something. gotta keep that name as respected as possible... especially after that Raiders of the Lost Ark fail, he needs all the help he can get


not true, #7 consider people with thyroid problems given, the OP probably doesn't have one but I'm just sayin'.. some people really can't lose weight. don't be so ignorant.


you are a fucking retard. a hyper active thyroid diagnosis does not mean you can not lose weight it means you get it treated and get ur fat ass on a treadmill. nice try dipshit back of the line for you dumb asian women

shit, I noticed that after, but then it was too late to edit it. today, i mixed up my indiana references and looked like a total tool. fml. but seriously, why WOULDNT a fridge keep you safe from a nuclear attack, right? thats totally realistic. as are the aliens/angels combo, and that fantastic swinging-through-trees scene. at least they all appeared to do their own stunts! oh wait.

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