By Anonymous - / Wednesday 3 August 2016 18:50 / Canada
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Well it can make you have glossy hair and glowing skin, plus a general air of excitement if the baby is wanted. I've definitely noticed a couple of my (already pretty but of course I'm biased) friends being more radiant during and after their pregnancy.

dont listen to some bratty kid as long as you arent crazily overweight then you have the choice what skin you feel comfortable in

All the ones who said the OP deserved it, you're pretty messed up. FYL... Sorry, OP. You didn't deserve that. Kids will be kids. They have no filter. Adults are supposed to, but you know as well as I do... some "Adults" never grow up.

YDI for being overweight. People need to stop pretending it's possible to be fat [enough to have visceral fat picked around your organs] and healthy.

It could be that you don't look "fat"/pregnant in the outfit, but that it just looks unusual and the kid thought it was some kind of maternity wear, especially if it's billowy and comfortable-looking.

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