By Djcc / Tuesday 21 February 2012 18:03 / United States
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  ankoku  |  2

What if the op asks these questions constantly due to insecurity? I'd be annoyed if she was serious. Why would you be with ur g/f unless you loved her? To me that says she doesn't trust me and thinks of me as a heartless player or trashy

By  nikkkkkiii  |  7

That just means he has so much love for you that he needs time to think of a proper way to tell you.

By  MrsUresti  |  8

Lol what a jerk


People over exaggerate things on FML. You never know the real circumstances. She could have upset him prior to saying she loved him. He's probably not a jerk or he wouldn't have a gf to begin with. And if it were a real issue she could just walk away from it all. What it comes down to, is it was probably his favorite show!

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