By Anonymous - / Friday 19 October 2012 20:54 / Czech Republic - Ceska
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  Carmstro  |  13

50 shades? More like 50 stitches, am I right guys?

By  greeneyebeauty9  |  28

be more specific next time, maybe?


well if someone said 'hit me' I wouldn't expect them to be meaning in the face. so "just sayin"

  metaphoristic  |  8

"slap me from a 45 degree angle using your thumb, middle finger, ring finger, pinky and palm. Remove your palm with a 70% higher velocity than your fingers. Repeat three times."

By  ntd309  |  14

She deserves a mouthful for that!

  ntd309  |  14

Yeah but it wasnt like he was taunting her sayin "i bet u cant hurt me"... Basically, he asked her to rough him up. Why would she rough him up to the extent that they stop having sex so he can go to the hospital?? A palm smack to the cheek wouldve been just fine!

  divadro102  |  16

Slapping in sex can get pretty hard and hurtful and some people love that. She only forgot the ring and slit his face. But was the diamond facing down?

By  lostcrazydiamond  |  10

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By  greeneyebeauty9  |  28

just tell her to call you daddy. 10x more effective.

By  melij99  |  5

Well, now you have a funny story for the kids!!

By  Sulkiva  |  2

She hit your FACE?! Really...? Really...?

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