By Anonymous / Wednesday 10 February 2010 17:24 / Lebanon
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  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Hey, she said "Confronted" not "Accused" which means she probably didn't start out by yelling but it turned into "You don't trust me!" Blah blah. If she didn't own the bra and as far as she knew her son was single and not having sex, then I would have asked my husband as well.

  Starfire22  |  5

#32, she's a mod and she'll eat your insides while laughing at your pain,so grovel accordenly and she might just forgive you for you insolance >_< well maybe... worth a try... :D

  XDNurse  |  0

it doesn't have anything to do with being insecure if you ere married and you found random bras and thongs and you don't have an older daughter you'd freak out or ask ur husband about it... same thing for guys if u find clothes and crap that aren't yours it's human nature.

  riku3220  |  2

"Jumped to conclusions"? If you didn't know your child even had a boyfriend or girlfriend then why wouldn't you at least say something to your spouse about it?

  Ajjas013  |  6

Get the fuck put before I capture you and ship you to China where you'll die a slow death of ass raping and then put on a rotisserie and brewed with kimchi.

Was that trollin'?

  ALegitNinja  |  0

No, that's when you tottally make it seem like it wasn't a big deal that OP accused him, but to make sure the son doesn't get the girl knocked up. Then comes the groveling.


  Unlucky1232  |  20

don't act like you'd act any different. What i wanna know though is why the hell the bra was even there? i mean even if her son got laid why the fuck would she leave her bra?

By  firecopy  |  6

I would have slapped you.

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