By eeelise5296 / Thursday 1 March 2012 20:39 / United States
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  Torva_fml  |  16

It's one of the top FML's, don't really need to remember it.

By  SignUpisntcool  |  3

Makes you feel weird,doesnt it?

By  LaurenMarie223  |  0

That really blows a big one, I'm sorry. :P

  Marifer98  |  7

#80- i dont think # 78 was telling you to shut up i think he was trying to say shut up in a nice way since you had said "shut up isn't a nice word" so he added please at the end to make it sound nicer.

  boopityboppity  |  10

"Shut up" is a colloquialism, essentially having a meaning of "cease communicating." Therefore, its use, while not literal, is acceptable.
"Make me," however, is a confrontational retaliation, and, made over the internet (where no methods of doing so are likely available to this person), seems a tad silly.

By  MeLuvBewbs  |  7

Maybe he wanted you to see them (happy birthday!)

By  Clamcreepy  |  7

Maybe he brought them for you to try on because he probably got sick of the grandma panties and bra that you were wearing all the time

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