By Anonymous - / Tuesday 28 April 2009 09:01 / Singapore
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he should have labeled it some class he dosent even have then put several folders inside of folders to prevent accedents!


because there's a bigger risk of it being found if it's on the comp. at least wif a thumb drive he can keep it wif him. op u shoulda hidden the file tho

By  Me27

#3 it actually makes sense to me, since it means nothing is on a hard drive. But I'm thinking you need a label that means no one else would open it like that. Something obscure.

lmao, that was just idiotic on so many levels...even if you keep porn on your flash drive, why wouldn't you take it off before you went in to see the teacher

......even if you keep porn on your thumb drive (wtf) you deserve it for handing it to a teacher. lmao. "Today, I called one of my students to give him some information for his project. After he plugs in his thumbdrive, I open the folder named "School Work" to put the files in. It was full of porn. FML"

lol..that is why you give it a file name that nobody will ever open... like i dunno...Salt Water Fish? lol

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