By Anonymous - / Tuesday 6 January 2015 00:16 / United States - Oak Ridge
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  jake_braves  |  22

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  cheeeksss  |  29

I love that show! Also, my dad once thought I was too. I went through a HEAVY tomboy phase for about 3 years (and I suppose that meant I was lesbian). My dad bought me summer dresses for every gift giving occasion. I guess he was relieved when I grew out of it and got my first boyfriend. OP, at least your parents were supportive. It's better than them not being supportive and you being a lesbian.

By  gunnerette  |  45

How about "talking things over" with them and explaining to them you're not lesbian? Even if they don't believe you at first because they convinced themselves that you are, eventually they'll have to.

  TheOnlyMizLiv  |  22

That's what I said, they still seem to think I'm gay. Don't worry about it OP - if they still love you and you're comfortable with your sexuality it would seem no harm's been done.

By  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

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