By H-B - / Tuesday 28 April 2009 08:53 / United States
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  MrBond007_fml  |  6

I say ydi because you loved a woman, thatcan never end well

  MrBond007_fml  |  6

I feel like I should elaborate, love makes you do stupid things

  sexynerdsquad  |  2

he probably is ?

By  Jaywin  |  3

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By  LockonStratos_fml  |  3

#2 Why is everything a guy does to surprise a woman rape these days? * pushed my gf in a hot make out session against the wall to imitate the movie scenes. - THAT'S RAPE CALL THE COPS!!!!!!!!! * Did some domination sex and knocked out my gf - THAT'S RAPE CALL THE COPS!!! The 2nd one I never read here, but jeez lay off with the rape accusations. Especially as something as normal as a surprise kiss on a date.....

By  RHOPKINS13  |  2

It had to be done... Today, I went out with a guy who I really love. We arrived at my house and before I got out of the car, he attempted to kiss me. Still drunk, he grabbed my head and twisted it when he kissed me. I'm now wearing a neck brace. Real smooth. FML Yeah, that's definitely a F Her Life.

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