By wetsheets - / Monday 7 January 2013 13:01 / United Kingdom - Cardiff
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  Catkam623  |  27

I simply feel bad for the cleaner with her shitty husband pissing all her money away and the problems of living by such a wet location.

  CCSA  |  12

50- I guess OP might not totally enjoy the moment (or the moment shortly after), hence the FML, but there are definitely females who love such experience and consider it "worth it"

  taka805  |  10


By  micahdunk  |  13

Never to young to wet the bed I guess.

  ilovegordon  |  6

*Too young. Come on now, focus!

By  Stalkerloo  |  11

At least it wasn't on a store's floor.

  Ani28  |  10

#58, it's a reference to an earlier FML about a drunk man relieving himself on a shop floor after being told that the shop didn't sell alcohol.

By  ICastillo  |  24

That's not bad, I piss on everything on purpose. That's how I mark my territory.... Girls get mad at me when I do this, I don't know why...

  Razi_tail  |  25

Guys can read love stories as well, don't be judgemental.

  charlton2142  |  5

Technically she said partner, coulda been another chick

  jmacfan1  |  16

Technically op is a guy. Look up in the corner of the fml. Blue guy sign

  sig4life  |  18

#97 you should hear the Gilbert Godfrey does 50 Shades of Gray. Check it out, google it, I bet you will never look at the book or Godfrey the same, you may even pee without having an O.

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