By Jaclk / Tuesday 24 April 2012 21:28 / United States - Needham
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By  imfrmbrklyn456  |  4

Can we say party animal!


I think OP feels the pros outweigh the cons.
Pro: family won't think I'm a loser
Con: might get grounded
Pro: being grounded I have an excuse to stay home on Friday night
Con: parent's might make me do chores

  Rasmus1990  |  4

Unless your op what?

By  FrankHotpants  |  30

But you are a loser, for doing something like that.

  skitzofunia88  |  8

Exactly, OP you are a loser. You're downfall was putting you're story on FML. Sorry to be so blunt, but you were asking for it. And you just love it, don't you?

  doogy15  |  11

Number 7, if I met you in person I would slap you. Then tell you to get rid of your bowl hair cut. It's amazing how you got so many likes...

  kateRAWR  |  3

To be honest , op is probably that much of a loser, he dose't realise ...... ( yes i know i will get thumbed down coz I ALWAYS do and + it was a joke u get it !)

By  LunaDragon  |  10

But why the streamers, balloons, and confetti? That's a bit of overboard, Loooser hahaha just kidding.

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