By college kid / Saturday 31 July 2010 04:39 / United States
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  IgniteCS  |  0

its funny cause you guys hate on legonut but now he has a crew its funny cause that just makes us do it more its funny cause ppl are stupid and argue in the internet its funny cause the comments from the haters are never funny and we hate you more its funny cause most of you cant spell its funy cause bunch of you are retards its funny cause most of you dont get the reference cause you dont watch family guy its funny cause i prob misspelled something myself but i just said most ppl cant spell its funny cause it just simply is

  kristir9426  |  0

they could've just been extremely happy that the 18 years of having quiet sex were over.. or that they can go out of town without worrying you might be throwing a party in their house

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