By KatVanGogh - / Monday 26 August 2013 01:16 / United States - Drexel Hill
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By  SarMarJo  |  17

Hey, you never know. Maybe he's just disguising.

By  LivexForever21  |  18

Parents these days :/

  daytoday21  |  10

I believe she's mocking how whenever it's a young person being stupid people comment "kids these days..." as if in those cases you *can* generalize to a whole group...

By  alxpilk  |  8

What does ginger have anything to do with Van Gogh?

  SolarFlare  |  20

Have you ever seen his most famous painting? A self-portrait... I saw that painting in real last week and I can confirm that he has red hair, but he didn't look like a cat.

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