By Anonymous - / Sunday 19 December 2010 20:51 / United States
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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

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  TheWicked  |  4

Uhm no.. killing yourself by drowning is very much possible, you're probably just confusing it with the fact that you can't kill yourself by holding your breath or self-strangulation since when you pass out you simply start breathing again/stop the strangulation(it's pretty difficult after you pass out for obvious reasons). If you pass out in water though, you're very much fucked if there is no one around to save your ass.

  scarletpenguin  |  15

I've had hamsters for a long time now. The bottles are attached to the side of the cage with a small tube that they can sip water out of. Ahem, pet stores aren't idiots, you know, it's just some pet owners are idiots.

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