By Anonymous / Tuesday 28 May 2013 05:05 / United States
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By  trellz17  |  19

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  perdix  |  29

You could be a Maltese Poodle. My extended family loves them and all but one of them are assholes.

I'm talking about the dogs. My extended family: 100% assholes! Jkjkjkjk ;)

  FeleciaIgnis  |  13

Maybe the dog was sitting under the tires of a parked car, and when the driver came back he/she didn't see the dog under their car (because it's tiny) then backed over it while driving away.

My uncle lost a labrador puppy that way, it was pretty sad.

By  Bluu67  |  3

"Ohhh, grandma made a funny she's adorable" stay tuned for more

By  awaydoggy  |  8

chihuahua doesn't look very intelligent especially with its tiny head

By  oj101  |  33

Wait... a chihuahua is a dog?! I always thought it was an overgrown rat.

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