By psd60 / Thursday 6 December 2012 07:18 / United States - San Antonio
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  silverhelms  |  5

Gets the job done i guess

  Selphis  |  20

He's just trying to help. But still... Not cool grandpa!


As far as I know, dogs aren't sentient. It's morally about as bad as burning a pork chop.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

You're that good your eyes fall out?' If that was true the NBA would be blind...okay now I wanna watch an entire NBA game where every player is blindfolded. Score will still be higher than a WNBA game...

By  crazytwinsmom  |  25

That's awful, so sorry! But on the silly side... 'crispy critter'. Terrible I know, but couldn't help it.

By  xlord  |  27

Wouldn't all the guts and everything go all over the barbecue? Good luck ever eating anything from there again.

  NagainaFier  |  16

4| I wouldn't be surprised if the grandfather gutted the dog, from a practical stand point. Not saying I agree (I don't), but I can see that happening.... My condolences, OP.

  cajekraze  |  7

The fluids dripping and popping would be the big worry. And since cremation takes place at roughly 1700°F, a barbecue might take a day or so to complete. This is my job

By  alliewillie  |  22

Well, he was just doing as you asked...

  NagainaFier  |  16

OP didn't ask the grandfather to cremate the dog- Just that they WANTED the dog cremated. I dunno how he thought this was a DIY project though- there's no way you could get a grill hot enough, and those are for COOKING meat. Not incinerating.

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