By Crazy09 / Wednesday 8 April 2009 17:43 / United States
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  mje8995  |  0

Oi ve fyl for sure. Don't ub kinda feel bad for the op?

  28actress  |  22

Also it doesn't say how long they have been dating. Maybe she got pregnant from a previous boyfriend and just found out; it's happened to others before

By  msrock  |  0

OOhh someone got pwned! FYL!

  Kai21  |  0

She could have easily just found out she was pregnant. I'm about 10 weeks pregnant, found out when I was 8 weeks, & had my first ultra sound 3 days later. Sometimes a woman will have a "period" when she's pregnant whichmy throw her off a little. I mean this lady probably did know sooner, but I just wanted to let you know.

By  kwbuzz23wk  |  0

I don't understand. That sounds like good news to me.

The FML would have been if it was your kid!

By  AlDavis  |  0

kick that cunt in the stomach

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